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hey i'm Ana and i am confused

Ask me please I'm lonely




i’m freaking out i’m so nervous i can’t

Anonymous said: Hi, I justed wanted to say good luck for your speech tomorrow. You can do it! It's going to be over in no time and afterwards you will feel relieved, no matter how it went. Try to picture it going perfectly. If it's awful after all, you can write about it here, you're not alone. Also, always remember this: You may have an accent but you know another language. You're powerful!

Woah I didn’t think anyone would read my rant haha thank you so much!!! The thing is when i get nervous my accent gets sooo bad and i’m afraid that no one is going to understand anything i’m saying. But idk i’ll just practice and hope for the best. Thanks again!!

Hi I am on a public speaking class and i am the only one who’s not from america and english is not my first language and i have an extremely thick spanish accent and i have to give a speech tomorrow and i’m going to die


whens the last time these rich ass celebrities used a paper plate 

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Because everyone needs this on their blog


Because everyone needs this on their blog

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and the winner is……….leonardo……….da vinci!!! congratulations on mona lisa

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Look at those eyes…
So filled with hope….

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at least we get to see brad pitt lmao amirite

Leo pulls Matthew in and whispers tumblr will hear about this

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you diD NOT JUST 

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